Wednesday, 6 August 2014

ICSI takes go-green steps

The Council of the Institute has initiated various steps on Go Green and save on one of the most important natural resource i.e. Trees. As a continuous process, the study material is now available freely on the Institute’s website The following steps have been taken :

1. The study material has been converted into eBooks for Mobile and is freely available for download. The stakeholders may open the website on mobile and all such links shall be visible to them only on the mobile device. The eBook can be downloaded and any eBook Reader can be used on the mobile platform for reading these files. One of the freely available software readers is – Cool Reader on the Android Platform. The feature of this reader is to provide audio support also i.e. reading aloud the text matter from the eBook.

2. The study material has been converted into PDF format (Portable Document Format) and has been published on the website of the Institute for Desktop users. The PDF Files can be freely downloaded on the Desktop, laptop and tablet of the user and can be used for reading by any standard PDF Reader.

3. It is imperative that with the above two measures many of the stakeholders shall also participate in the Go Green Initiative of the Council by opting for softcopy of the study material as above and foregoing the physical hardcopy. To recognize this choice of the stakeholders to Go Green, the Council has decided to give a discount of Rs. 2,000/- to professional students and Rs. 1,500/- for Executive in the fee structure as charged at the time of registration from these students. The online registration process has been suitably modified to reflect the discount such that the stakeholders feel motivated while making the option for the study material.

All the above has come into force with immediate effect and reflects the firm resolve of your Council on taking measures to save on precious national resources as well as on providing for instantaneous services.

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