Thursday, 12 June 2014

Be what you are


Ever you seen a person intelligent then you? Yes, most of you say that every other person is intelligent in some or other way from you. It means that other person also think the same way what you are thinking. So it can be concluded that everybody is intelligent in their own capacity.

There are some who are excellent in painting, some in writing, some in poeting, some in singing and so on. The list is never ending. Nobody is perfect in this world but have you ever meet nobody, who is perfect! So be happy with what you are. God have created you by taking his own sweet time and sent you to this world to leave your mark. It’s up to you that you change yourself and live life like you are nothing to anybody.

Be happy that god has given you life of a mankind who is most intelligent among rest of the creatures on the earth. I don’t know about you but I feel obliged to have this life and I further feel proud when I think that yes I am living it in my own way. Everybody is unique in some way or other so maintain that uniqueness of you as there is nobody else who is exactly like you though you may have heard that there are at least 5 person of same face like you but nobody will have same mind like you.

No people can keep everybody happy so even if you try to do well for everyone there could be someone who will feel jealous of you so be what you are and don’t put yourself into other’s shoes forever. If you feel like whatever you are doing is correct then does listen to the world just listen to your heart and do what your inner self ask you to do.

If you want full satisfaction in everything you do then convince yourself about rightness of doing that work. If you are half convinced or not convinced at all about anything then don initiate that activity else there could be chances that you may have to leave that mid way.. unfinished / incomplete.
In order to remain yourself I would suggest to have a good friend circle who never let you down and always keeps your sprit up. “Books and friends should be few but good” (My words). Once you understand the real meaning of this slogan you will never lose yourself for anybody.

Wish you luck and success “Don’t be me rather Try to be yourself” I hope this article will help you understand yourself which is the most difficult task. Now a day’s people are more interested into others life rather than their own so you think out of the box and think about yourself as there is whole* world to think about you.
A Helping Hand
CA CS Prakash Somani

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