Friday, 31 January 2014

VPP Fraud / Scam after Incorporating Private Limited Company

This is a serious issue I recently faced with one of my own client.
Immediately after Incorporating a Private Limited Company, my client received a VPP (Value Payable Post) of Rs.2,500/- . VPP is like post-paid on delivery of goods (Cash on delivery). My client never ordered anything after Company Incorporation, neither did he transact with any person at all.
I'm attaching a photo of what VPP looks like. Since the VPP is done by Indian Post Office, it appears like Government Communication. PLEASE DON'T FALL PREY TO SUCH INSTANCES. It is another matter of abuse of public document (i.e. Company details). PLEASE MAKE YOUR CLIENTS / NETWORK AWARE not to pay for what they have not ordered only because its the first communication with the Company.
Below are the links of various fraud charges news related to Legend Book Co.

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